The Collection
The Collection is for you if…

👉🏼You’re making 10k months or less
👉🏼You want to nail your message so people buy from content alone, constantly 
👉🏼You want to create perfect offers for people so they want to jump in when you launch. 
👉🏼You want a biz model that generates you 5 figure months on repeat
👉🏼You’re ready to be the sought-out and in demand coach you know you’re meant to be 

The Collection is a 12-month membership that will keep you laser focused on the *only* things that matter to bring your business to 6 figures.

The Collection includes:
⚡️Foundational signature programs 
⚡️All new masterclasses
⚡️The Era Of You Membership
⚡️Instant access database of over 30+ video trainings to dive into asap
⚡️Instant access to the 5 Figure Month Bootcamp Program

Examples of foundational signature programs coming up in your year:
👉🏼Offer Incubator
👉🏼Launch & Sell
👉🏼Social Media Game
👉🏼Hot Audience
👉🏼The Coach Program

Instant access to:
✅5 Fig Cash Bootcamp Program
✅The Era Of You Membership
✅A database of 32 videos of foundational trainings and masterclasses
✅The Community  

It's easy to get distracted and think you need so many different things to build a 6 figure coaching business. You don't ;) When you are laser focused on the *only* things that matter, your results will skyrocket. That is what you will do in The Collection.

The Collection is $9999 PIF for the full year or $999x12. The Collection is a year commitment. 

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